Thursday, September 26, 2013

The perfect outfit layout

ok so I'm gonna show you babes how to make the perfect outfit layout - well at least my idea of perfect. If you do follow me on Instagram, you would have realised I love taking pics of my clothes, a  few people have even asked me if those are really my pics or are they just reposted from another user or site. 

Answer is, yes, all pics belong to me and I can spend over 30 minutes creating an outfit layout. I hate anything to look less than my idea of perfect, and even after taking the pic, I'll deliberate for like 2-3 days before finally posting it (i'm a bit weird I know but it shows that i put in my best for you guyyyyyyyssssss ) 

Anyway, today i'm featuring the pretty romper my sister bought from Scape last weekend. My iphone is kinda horrifying when taking pix, it PMSes sometimes so bear with the bad quality till i get a new phone (i do have a camera but hardly use it)

Featured clothing item!!

Sometimes people ask me, what's the point in taking outfit layouts, it's just clothes and you're not even in it. The point is.....I love my clothes and i hope that by taking all the pretty outfit layouts, some others would be inspired to recreate their own layouts - it's really quite fun- and also inspire their dressing! 

So how is an outfit layout actually taken? Check out the pic below...This is when you don't put in any effort, just put the clothes on floor. It's easy to spot the outfits that take effort and those that don't. Outfits that take effort doesnt necessarily need to have so many details, becuz just the clothing item alone need time arranging, especially for skirts.

I didnt intentionally mess up the pic above, but I'v seen pics like that - poor lighting, ugly flooring, messy details. Anyone could create an outfit like that. 

Here's how I do mine... Start off by arranging the main clothing item i.e. the romper, when you lay it on the floor, there'll definitely be creases and so on. So that has to be arranged properly, skirt need to be spread out and the back of the skirt part has to be hidden behind the front. 

Note how I arrange the creases so it doesn't look uneven or crumpled. Lighting should also be good, preferably sunlight and there should be minimal shadows.  

After you have arranged the clothes, you can start by adding details such as necklaces and other accessories. An outfit does not have to be an ideal outfit for wearing out, becuz it's just a picture and all you need is for it to look good. Thus, you can even use bracelets as 'necklaces' or just flowers would look pretty! 

And for the bag, align it neatly with the outfit. For this outfit layout, I'm using an inspired Chanel infinity bag sponsored by Shop Kysse. 

Instagram: @shopkysse
(see previous post for more pics) 

I always like outfit layouts with alot of details, so here goes the bracelets, sunglasses etc.
You can add other stuff like iPhone cases, pretty perfume bottles, magazines and so on. Not many people bother with alot of such details, becuz it's all external and not really the focus. But for me I don't like it if the outfit has too much 'empty space'

And here goes........ the finished outfit! you can also get cheap flowers from Daiso to add in cuz it'll fill up 'empty spaces' and also give the outfit layout a sweet touch. 

Oh and I always filter my pics cuz somehow I think it looks better with filter. For my outfit layouts, I always use the filter valencia
After applying filter.....

And finally, put the 2 pics side by side for your easy comparison. The right side definitely takes way lesser time, but i'd rather spend that 10 mins fussing over it than just deliver something anyone else could reconstruct easily. 

I hope those who like fashion would've enjoyed this post and get th idea of how i do up my outfit layouts! ^^ thank you for reading~ 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bagggsssss [@shopkysse]

This post is gonna be about MEEEEEEEE and the type of bags I like! 

I'm someone who doesn't really bother about accessories, the type of shoes I wear, and the bag I carry. So whenever I go out, I would usually just wear shoes, like sneakers cuz it's easy to walk in and comfy hehe. 

And I'v been using the same 2 bags for the past year (altho I have a few others, mostly from Charles and Keith) cuz I can't be bothered to shift my things from one bag to another - girls will understand! I always end up forgetting to transfer my lip gloss or ear piece or ez link card if I were to use another bag... 

Anyway, recently I got 2 gorgeous Chanel inspired handbags from Shop Kysse! I'm not a sucker for branded stuff but once in awhile I do covet them so I absolutely welcomed this two lovely bags into my bag shelve. 

Introducing ...

These are the two bags ... Inspired Chanel infinity and Boy Chanel. Classy right?! 

I don't really carry those small handbags, I need huge ass bags to put in alot of my junk LOL and the red boy Chanel can nicely fit in my huge Miumiu wallet, big af Hellokitty make up pouch, ear piece and some other nonsense which I shan't list here so I absolutely loooooove it! 

Wore it out a few times already (-; 

Outfit details: 
Top- Thrifted
Holographic skirt-
Floral shoes- from my sis 

And if you do follow me on Instagram, you'd have seen this outfit idea I posted too! See how mad pretty the bag goes with everything? 

Outfit tip: I always try to make at least 2 items I'm wearing match. 
Actually I think the fashion rule is that bag and shoes should match. o.o 

But I don't have that many bags or shoes and I'm cool so I don't follow fashion rules. (that actually rhymes if you realized) But I still try to make at least 2 items match, i.e. if the top is red, the bag should be red. Or if the top is black, the shoes should be black too. I don't like wearing more than 2 colours on me, at the most 3! So usually....... i'l wear for example.... a black bralet, with a pink skirt, and black shoes + brown bag. Or i would try to make the prints match, like if I were wearing a floral top, I would definitely match it with floral shoes. Something like that. 

And btw here's another idea, go follow Shop Kysse on Instagram (@shopkysse). 

You know why!? Cuz when you run out of ideas what to wear, you can actually use blogshops as inspiration, like see how the models dress and match the clothes and that in a way can inspire your own outfit. 

Here's a snap shot of their Instagram, loads of trendy bags available, you'd be spoilt for choice like I was. 

Another pic taken off their Instagram, each outfit is planned to the last detail, so go follow them on Instagram now.

Don't forget to check out their website too okay! 

And lastly...... Shop Kysse's Facebook page 

Thanks for reading this and I'd be back sooooooooooooooon~~~ 

The Bark Cafe

Some pics I took last week(-; tried to change my look a little so as iv mentioned in my previous posts, i ditched the thick false lashes and eyeshadow /eyeliner and went for lighter make up, also changed my hair colour. 

This outfit is actually a 2 piece, the outer (pinafore?) has to be one of my favorite pieces, having the cutest floral patterns. 

And the inner piece is a pastel floral bralet with the sweetest flower prints 

When i sent these pictures to my friends to review, my best friend said "wah doing community service arh?" I was like.....erm.....go fuck yourself....

Anyway just wanted to try something new so the rake is supposed to be a 'prop' lolol 

I like the signs the owners put up! haha 

and that same day, had dinner with Dennis somewhere along Changi- his recommendation 

It's like an alfresco dining concept, open air, and was neatly tucked behind a slope away from the main roads. 


Desserts looked fantastic but had no room for it after main

Will be blogging about my shopping hauls soon so come back here!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Today's look is something rather new for me cuz I hardly wear jeans. Decided to try something new and got this pair of really cool jeans. However upon wearing it I remembered the reason why I don't wear jeans - too fucken hot! 

Anyway This crop top with clouds is so cute right??? 
All photo filters are Instagram filters, usually use valencia to filter my pics. 

Oh then today went to Far east plaza, was really boring, the crowd worsened it. Anyway this burger place is pretty cool

"fries are vegetables"

After walking around aimlessly at far east plaza,we left and went off to Bugis but there wasn't really anything to buy either.............. 

That pretty much sums up my birthday weekend, oh and I have so many posts to blog about but I just can't find the time too...I'll do some advertorials soon so watch this space.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shopping date

So my sis has been nagging me to 'upgrade' my look i.e. to change how I look becuz Iv been using the same makeup style for years: thick fake lashes ah lian style, thick eyeliner, dark eyeshadows etc yes I'm a cool goth. But she said I look really outdated and claimed a look called the "uzzlang look" is the in thing now. 

Decided to attempt the uzzlang look and used really natural looking eyelashes, sparkly eye shadow on the lower eye (i usually line the bottom of my eyes with brown eye shadow) and uzzlang eyebrows ~.~ 

So this is my final uzzlang look lol and my sis said I failed miserably. How discouraging hahaha

Took some ootd pics
My outercoat costs $8.60
Lace shirt costs $8
Pants costs $6 
Pointed shoes cost $10 

My words of wisdom 1 "You don't need to spend loads to feel good in what you wear. "
My words of wisdom 2 "Expensive clothes does not necessarily make a person fashionable."

I hardly take self shots but since I need more pics for my blog here goes ~

While shopping and waiting for sis

Love all the cute clothing in this pic

 Had KFC for dinner becuz everywhere was so crowded

The End