Sunday, September 22, 2013


Today's look is something rather new for me cuz I hardly wear jeans. Decided to try something new and got this pair of really cool jeans. However upon wearing it I remembered the reason why I don't wear jeans - too fucken hot! 

Anyway This crop top with clouds is so cute right??? 
All photo filters are Instagram filters, usually use valencia to filter my pics. 

Oh then today went to Far east plaza, was really boring, the crowd worsened it. Anyway this burger place is pretty cool

"fries are vegetables"

After walking around aimlessly at far east plaza,we left and went off to Bugis but there wasn't really anything to buy either.............. 

That pretty much sums up my birthday weekend, oh and I have so many posts to blog about but I just can't find the time too...I'll do some advertorials soon so watch this space.

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