Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Didn't update for so many days T T i feel so lazy to edit the pictures and upload them etc. Anyway, ytd met Weijie, Yann, Dionne, Juan, and Shuane at Simpang for dinner. Always love to go there to eat cuz the food there is so nice and they a mix of Chinese and Malay food. 

After dinner went to eat icecream at this place called Ice Cream Shop o.o The salted malt was super awesome cuz I don't like overly-sweet ice cream (especially those chocolate type) and that was perfect. 

With the 2 gorgeous babes Yann and Dionne.

Anddddd Juan one of my oldest and closest and bestest friend.

And this cute guy 

And after that we went to play L4D2 o.o HAHAHA I was a pro at L4D2, my old classmates taught me and ever since then I was addicted to it. Anyway haven't played for ages and kind of forgot but still it was soooooooo fun to play with them. 


Saturday night went out with that same clique to Royal2 (dunno where the hell is that, yes I'm so out of date...laugh!) 

So the other day I was talking to a friend, about clubs, and I said I know Power house (st james power station), Rebel, Helipad and MOS. And he gave me a =.= face and said all closed down already. Sigh getting old already......

Anyway this was my #ootn out with them, initially wore stilettos (pink colour with crystals all over, *.*) but after I went down, I stood there for like 5 minutes thinking if I should change into shoes and in the end I went back to change into shoes. -__-  

Haven't been to those thai discos for super long already and felt quite out of place 

with Bryan and Yann :-D 

With juan 

After that at around 4am, we adjourned to a second place, don't know where is it cuz ...... 

I couldn't be bothered to ask. 

Ok not being aloof or anything like that, but I really think that I'm past the stage of Thai discos and clubs where people shout gang poems and show signs and stuff like that... I mean that was like 3 years ago ... and now it gives me a headache when people start screaming around me. Although I must say last time got adrenaline rush one. HAHA. 

After Royal2, I wanted to go back home LOL but someone said it was still EARLY. I was actually thinking wtf 4am already siol. But anyway I really like to hangout with this clique (Juan, Bryan and the rest whom I just know that day and they all seemed really nice and cute) so yea decided to just go with them and not spoil the party mood. 

with Juan <3 

 And at the second place it wasn't too bad but I guess it's just not my type of place fuck I really feel so O-L-D.... Cuz I would rather be at a quiet bar somewhere else *insert laughing and crying emoji* and I felt really bad becuz I didn't wanna seem bored too. but honestly it wasn't that bad. Only bad part was that at 6am, everyone was still in a party mood when I was already half asleep.

And they continued till like 6:30 or 7am? Can't remember... I was trying to stay awake LOL 

Then after that, went to eat with Bryan Juan and WeiJie at Pasir Ris so by the time I reached back it was like 8am! Hahaha fucking crazy, the last time I did something like that (staying out till 8am) was like 4years ago. 

Anyway, the next day, I was telling my sister about my night and telling her that I feel that I'm really old and life-less (no life) nowadays. 

Then! I saw this link someone shared on Facebook! Which totally cheered me up. 

In short, it says that Virgos are not those 'party animals' and prefer to go to a quiet bar and drink wine (I'm a wine lover too hahaa) 

You know what it means? It means I'm not old, it's because I'm a VIRGO. So it's not my fault!! LOLOL 

You can read the full article here 

Till the next post~

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