Friday, November 29, 2013

My week

So I've been so busy this week, I only found time to blog today. And I'm so sleepy now, totally looking forward to Sunday where I can sleep in and laze around the whole day.

Didn't really do anything exciting this week so here are just some bits of what I've been doing. 

Outfit details:
Poofy hearts bralet from
Bad-ass Barbie highwaistie from
Flowers and the glitter sequined hairband from Daiso 

On Wednesday, I went to Pangea, located at MBS. It's pretty cool but I prefer Attica alot better. 
I couldn't decide what to wear cos my hair makes me so weird now T_T Every time I chop my fringe off, I'd regret it like a few days later. But when it's long again, I can't help it but cut it off. What is wrong with me!? 

Wanted to wear this outfit initially but changed to another cos I didn't have any heels to match this outfit hahaha. 

Outfit details: Cut out bralet and skirt from Scape
Bag from: 

And a few pics with Agnes from Wednesday night.  

 And the next day, Thursday, met Lindsay for lunch. 

Can't remember the details of this outfit except that the phone case is sponsored by 

 We had Thai food for lunch, my very yummy tom yum seafood soup. 

And Lindsay's super delicious Thai green chicken curry. 

And today, had to go down to school to collect my cert, wanted to register for next year (at another institute) but decided to wait for a little longer to think over what I actually want. 

Really feel stressed and pressurized to perform better... 

Even while I was at my Aunt's place earlier on, she asked if there was anything bothering me cos I look so troubled recently. Urgh. 

I'm not the kind of person who can express myself easily, when I'm upset, I look happy, when I'm angry, I look normal, when I'm jealous, I look un-bothered. It's just me... In my past relationships, I always get asked if there's anything wrong all the time, cos I get told that I always seem emotionless. 

But sometimes when I'm with my family I find it hard to keep up this facade and it would slip. My little sister was saying that I''m so good at keeping my emotions even when something is upsetting me badly, and when she told me that "You can always tell me what's wrong." I almost wanted to just cry in front of her. But no, I can't do that. It's just not in me to cry in front of someone. 

My friends always tell me that their there for me, I can rely on them. But honestly, who wants to be bothered with another's problems? It's not as if they are having an easy life either and I definitely would not want to add to their burden or dampen their mood either. 

Yes I know that people say that's what friends are for, and my friends look for me when they need help, or need someone to talk to or encourage them. But for me, I just won't do that. 

I understand that there are also people like that, who find it difficult to express emotions or prefer to keep it to themselves. And trust me, I know how difficult it gets; just keeping more and more each day to yourself. 

It would be an option to one day truly open myself to someone, but I think I would really have to take ages to learn to trust him or her and I don't know if I can do that. Oh well. 

K so today's outfit. Look kind of weird cos I didn't really bothered curling my hair and all that haha. Borrowed today's outfit from my sister :P 

Since I was collecting my cert at POMO, I decided to go to one of my favorite book stores located at Peace Centre, just 2 minutes away from POMO. 

Been visiting this book store since 4 years ago. I know it doesn't look like a store that one would usually visit to get books (nowadays it's usually Kinokuniya isn't it?) but I like going in there for quite a few reasons. 

First of all, there's a crazy amount of books for such a small store space and there are books from all kinds of genres. From biographies to fantasy to horror, the list is endless. I was hoping to get a few good law related books at a cheap price for a good read this weekend. 

And, call me weird, (I DON'T CARE) I like it that the books are all over the place, and you really have to look hard to find something good or of your interest. It makes it way more fulfilling, searching through romance novels, and science fiction books and finding something of my interest underneath all that. 

In a way, it's more interesting than simply going to the library where everything is in alphabetical order or you can just ask a librarian for assistance easily. 

See what I mean! The books are just stacked everywhere and anywhere 

There are 4 or 5 of such narrow spaces in between the book shelves, and it's really tiny, hardly even enough space for me to move around. But that's exactly what I love about it, surrounded by books - It's heaven! 

Well of cos you could say that, what difference is there from going to a library, in fact, a library is way better compared to this dusty, messy, tiny book store. 

But if you have a penchant for liking the old fashion way of doing things and at the same time, love a good read, you would quite adore this place.

It's quiet too, there wasn't any one apart from the owner and a lecturer from a University whom I spoke to for a bit. 

In a really small corner at the back ,there's this chair and so I spent an hour there reading comfortably, I didn't even realized an hour had passed until I got a phone call. 

One of the books I was browsing

Most of the books there are quite old, like published before 2000, but they do have some books like Chicken Soup? I think it was so popular when I was in secondary school but I've never read one before. 

And when I was just about to give up finding anything that I would like to bring home, I found a book on the law of defamation! it was going at $28 and according to the owner he said the original price was $135 @_@ I don't know how true is that cos it doesn't look like a $135 book but I liked it and got it anyway. 

There was even a really really cool New Dehli statute book which I spent ages browsing through. 

So if you do study around the area, you know where you can go during your breaks! (: 

Gonna have a busy weekend again - I wish I had a whole day just for sleeping lol. 

Till the next post xx

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Seoul, Korea

So at the time of drafting this, last week, my sister and I went to Seoul, Korea. It was a totally last minute planned trip, my sister was like, let's celebrate my birthday in Korea - 6 DAYS BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY. And so we booked the tickets and went off. In total we went from Wednesday to Saturday, which in actual fact (after deducting the flight time) is only 3 days 2 nights. 

Our flight was on Wednesday noon, with a stop over at Taiwan, in all it was about 8 hours. 

And I'm the kind of person who can't sit still for longer than 10 minutes doing nothing. So imagine how BORED I felt and my sister was asleep most of the time too. My dad was suggesting that I go to Zurich with him to visit my Aunt next month but I was like NO WAY. I think it's like an 18 hour flight or longer- I will surely die of boredom. 

Ok anyway, we reached Taiwan around night - about 8pm? And it was so miserable, there were only 2 cafes and 1 was totally packed and the other only had like cakes and prepacked pasta. 

Got myself a quiche lorraine and it was actually quite good lol, ate it on the flight to Seoul. Tried to get some sleep on the flight but it was just so uncomfortable

We were picked up at Incheon airport and put up at Seoul Partners House. 

The journey from the airport Seoul Partners House took an hour.... Zzzz by the time we reached there it was already 12am. ._. and we were both exhausted. 

Looked like shit and felt like shit, finally had the first cigarette in like 14 hours at the airport.

I was talking to my Korean friend over Facebook and asked him if it was cold, he said no. My sister asked her Korean friend also if it was cold, and she told her no. So we both only brought minimal clothing. But the second I stepped outside, I knew I was gonna freeze. I'm someone who likes heat, and totally can't stand the cold - and I only brought really thin clothing. And it was freezzzzzing....

But I think this kind of coldness is pretty normal for Koreans, but to me, I felt really sick instantly.

Anyway luckily the place we were put up at was so comfy. Really huge and spacious room. 

Also had a bath tub /inbuilt Jacuzzi

We were really hungry so took a short walk to the convenience store, most of their convenient stores are C.U., it's like 7-11. 

Looking horrible but here's one picture~

Love all the food they stock at C.U - there's alot, from canned pupa (O_O) to ice cream, cup noodles, and all this cold food which can just be eaten out of the packet. 

Strawberry jam sandwich 

Sister and I had cup noodles for dinner and it was just so-so to me but she said it was really good lol she even ended up buying a few home. I thought it just tasted bland but that could be because I was already falling sick.

Was pretty happy that C.U. had my favorite Arizona green tea! <3

Just before going to sleep, I wore like 2 pullovers and 1 sweater to sleep - it was that cold even the room was heated. 

Day 2 

The next morning I didn't feel better AT ALL. We had to wake up really early because we had the whole day full of scheduled meetings. 

Seoul Partners House :D Love the concept and design of the building. 

That's the balcony, and to get out, there's like 3 doors to keep out the cold. 

Outside (:

I love how pretty the trees look in Autumn, yellow, red, and dark green leaves.

Had an unblocked view over the garden from our room

The balcony

Took a really really hot shower and had to totally force myself to get out-it was so cold, I didn't want to get out. I stepped out of the shower and when I felt the freezing floor, I went back in straight lol. Ended up having a shower for almost 1 hour.

Breakfast :D A small selection but everything was pretty damn good lol at least it's not the usual korean food, I can't stand stuff like bibimbap - sorry I know it's like a signature Korean dish but it's just not my type of food.

So what I had was cream of broccoli - absolutely yummy. Croissants, ham and fried mushrooms. And also peaches - my favorite, corn and lettuce. It sounds simple but it tasted absolutely divine lol

And Korea has all this cute gimmicky stuff, like this jam packet. So basically you squeeze it a little, and it'll pop open. The opening is quite small. So you just squeeze the sides together to get the jam out. Convenient and cute!!

Went to take a look at the pretty garden before our meetings.

My ootd! :D 

The prettiest little white flowers which were literally growing everywhere in the garden space! 

Trees always look best in Autumn to me.

Lol my face looks so fat here wahahaha

Some of you may have already seen this picture I posted on my Instagram the day I took it

Gonna skip the part about the business meetings cos nothing would interest you.

So we were served lunch ........ and guess what? BiBimbap of cos.... 

Well basically the whole day was spent with other business people and I felt so tired and sick because I had so little sleep, and did not even sleep well, at one point my mind just went blank and couldn't even open my eyes wtf. Like all I could see was dark and had to really force myself to stay awake. 

Luckily, the good thing about the situation was because there is a translator, I could take my time to understand the translated meaning and also politely ask them to repeat again. Wahahaha, so I obviously used that to my advantage. Culture barrier is not necessarily a bad thing y'know. 

(like this, I got this image off google tho) 

OH I've something so embarrassing to mention. There's this revolving door leading out from the building to the garden. So basically the door was not moving. So being the idiot I am (cum weirdo), the first thought that came to my mind was "Oh there should be a button to press).

SOO I looked around and saw a red button on the side of the door. And I pressed that button. Then some weird loud sound came out from somewhere and I got a shock of my life. Worse thing was there were a few Koreans at the reception (just outside the business hall) and they were all staring at me with their mouths wide open. @_@ 

And one of the Korean guys came to me and said "You do know it's auto sensor right?" FML super embarrassing ..... Anyway I'll never see them again so whew! 

So after all that work and drama, it was already 6pm. We were planning to go out for dinner. But I just couldn't take it. I looked like crap, felt horrible and just felt like dying. My skin was totally flaking (my skin gets super dry in cold weather, it was worse in Japan) and because my hair colour had faded to a dirty blond, my skin looked grey and pale in contrast. T_T 

Had no choice but to do a mask and rest for a bit.  

Then my sister fell asleep. So I just went to the balcony and smoked sooo much (cigarettes are super cheap - only about 2-3SGD per pack and they taste not bad either) simply because it felt so relaxing - drinking soju, eating crab sticks, smoking and looking at the sun set. 

I got bored after awhile - see what I mean when I say I can't do nothing for long.

Because I was using a camera, there's a pretty good zoom function so I could zoom all the way out and see things from so far away on the camera screen that I couldn't actually see clearly with my eyes.

Spying on people lol!!!

After that, I forced her to get up and we went to Myeongdong for dinner! 

Picked a random restaurant 

We obviously didn't understand anything it says but anyway, we only wanted to Korean BBQ.

Super yummyyyy. The best thing about eating in these Korean restaurants is that a huge variety of side dishes (banchan 반찬) is always provided, and depending on which restaurant you go to, there's always a different selection. Kimchi is always provided and I loveeeeee kimchi.

Had pork and beef which was so damn good lol I was literally gobbling everything down

The pork tasted even better with kimchi

And after dinner - The streets of Myeongdong 

Sorry I always seem to be holding a cigarette in my pics lol T_T 
I don't deny that I'm a hardcore smoker but I am trying to cut down 

Then we saw a neoprint shop and we just had to take some pictures and also get out of the cold night

If you're wondering why my sweater looks so heavy, it's because it's stuffed full of heat packs LOL I'm such a wimp -,-"

Our pictures :P 

So much cooler than Singapore's neoprint shops lol and anyway most of SG's neoprints shops seems to have already closed down??

They even have a selection of wigs and hats for you to don while taking pictures .

I just thought this was so cool lol I've seen it in some Korean shows before but I've no idea what's it called. It's like this truck and they prepare food on it and customers can eat there too 

Too bad the time spent there was so rushed, we hardly got a chance to really see or do anything.

Ooh I love this, you can get it at the night markets here too.


Everywhere was really crowded, few tourists and alot of Koreans who looked extremely happy and carefree doing their shopping 

And yeah because my sister wanted to look at her stuff (like earrings and clothes), and I couldn't be bothered to shop much, I was already kind of sleepy, so I just bought alot of food and sat down somewhere and just ate while waiting for her lol - I think I looked like a loser, so much food and eating like some emo kid alone HAHA 

Well some guy, or girl, wore this garfield head thing and started dancing out of nowhere hahaha it was kind of fascinating to watch.

And also, I had the best churro ever. It's like a fried dough pastry and there's custard cream inside and dusted with icing sugar. And according to what I was told, it's peanut butter infused also or something like that - it was pretty yummy 

Being very bored waiting for le sister, at that point, I don't even know where was she already

Lemonade stall

More street food like corn dogs and fishcakes. 

I was already really bored and had another hour to go while waiting for the shopaholic sister so I just started taking pics of random stuff. 

There was a mall and so I went to check it out

TBH, I would say don't waste your time to look for nice stuff  here. Firstly, there's only 3 floors and also, the clothes are so over priced and okay looking only.

Unfortunately also, most of the stuff are winter wear (duh) so I would definitely not pay $180 for a coat that I would probably never wear. (yes, some of the coats go up to $240 - and the mall isn't some kind of luxury shopping centre. I don't know if it's normal there, but it's like going to Bugis Street and buying a $300 dress)

They do have sale racks and cheap stuff but the clothes all weren't to my liking at all.


However, there was this shop which did have an impressive selection of men's foot wear and alot of the shoes were gorgeous.

Less than 15mins of entering, I went back out and just sat outside, the mall felt stuffy while outside was cool and not that cold yet.

And I really love to look at the fashion and dress style of Koreans. Almost everyone dresses really well and fashionably without being too over-dressed.

It's probably because of the cold weather, so they have to wear a coat and that itself already makes the entire outfit look a whole lot dressier than without a coat or outer wear. 

And you don't see anyone in slippers at all, most women are in really cool shoes or some form of heels. 

Finally my sister was done so we wanted to take a cab, but was quoted a ridiculous price for the short journey back. We decided to take the train instead.

Then we saw this really cute cookie biscuit ball thing and decided to get one.

Yeah, you read that. It says smash with hammer. 

Sister breaking the balllllll LOL

At the crowded train station

Waiting waiting waiting ~
I know I look so crappy lol but I hardly had any make up om=n

Was so tired I just wanted to be back In Singapore on my bed, totally couldn't cope with the cold weather and also didn't eat much cos I hardly fancied the food there

Felt so stalkerish when I took this pic but really liked the coat she had on 

Oh and something really interesting - they have all these gas masks and stuff there. My theory is that because it's near to North Korea so they need to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Another stylish Korean lady

Finally back in the guest house

This was our favorite snack on the trip, if you do visit Korea, you have to get this. It's easily found at convenience stores, and you can just eat it cold from the packet, don't have to cook it.

So we were just spamming this non stop wahahah

DAY 3 

Woke up early, had mixed feelings about flying home that night. I would miss being in Korea for the cold weather but other than that, nothing much. It was unlike Japan where I really wished to stay and not leave at all, but perhaps it was because I was at Japan for 2 weeks whereas only in Korea for 3 days. However I still wanted to see more of Korea, like the party scene and try out more stuff there. Yet I was still longing to go home.

Had ice cream for break fast hahaha my sister says I'm crazy.

Checked out of the beautiful guest house :( 

I do realize all the pics of me taken in Korea look really crappy - I don't know why, when I went to Japan, all the pics I took also turned out really horrible. T_T I blame the cold weather

Ginkgo leaf 

Pretty autumn leaves (: 

Wanted to check out this place too but we were really rushed for time 

Went to the area around the convenience store we were at the first night and found a Korean restaurant just beside it

So while sis was waiting for the food, I decided to go walk around a bit and take some pics

It's a pretty quiet neighbor hood so there was hardly anyone around

And yes, some areas were kind of rundown

It's really interesting that there is a merge of cafes, restaurants, shops and houses in one neighborhood.

It was kind of cold so I went back after awhile and just nice, our food was served already 

Something you would never see in Singapore: an old lady selling fresh grown produce in the station itself. All sorts like sweet potatoes and other stuff I don't recognize are neatly laid out and people actually buy from her. 

Going over the bridge 

We were headed to express bus terminal (underground shopping mall), it took less than an hour to get there. Was kind of disappointed at first sight cos everything looks so boring again. I can easily suss out a shop within seconds and know if there's anything I want or worth looking around. I'm a professional shopaholic lolol :P 

And then, from like so far away, spotted all these awesome boots going at 12SGD. Just had to get a few pairs hahaha

This area is full of shoe stores and hardly any clothing stores. If I remember correctly, it's the entrance of the underground shopping mall.

I look like my sister's maid hahaha she was taking ages trying on and asking me to help her so I gave up

And finally we're there!
Long stretch of shops, you can't even see the end from the middle where I was standing 

So our modus operandi was to seperate and meet 2 hours later at this fountain. Took a pic of it in case I got lost and needed to ask someone for directions. Yes I'm very kiasu, but it's always better to be safe than sorry, moreover the main language spoken or understood is Korean and I certainly can't understand or speak Korean.

There were 2 sides, one was the household items like blankets, pillow cases, lamps etc. The other side was the interesting stuff like clothes and shoes and bags. No prizes for guessing which side I headed to.

Household side

And it's still all winter wear but alot cheaper

Look out for all the discount racks. Some stores are also ridiculously overpriced   so I only went for the discount or sale racks.

10,000 won is about 12 SGD

Most shops all have discount racks so just look carefully and you may find something really cute.

Outside the Underground shopping mall.

Absolutely loved the weather that day, it wasn't too cold and it was kind of sunny too so it was just perfect.

Back down

i didn't buy many clothes, only got 2 pullovers which I don't know where they are now, and a leather jacket (for only $8!)

However, I bought quite a few bags cos the bags were all so pretty and really cheap too. I would;ve bought more if not for the inconvenience of bringing them back.

More of the household lane.

So it was already approaching evening and I had finished for the day. So just found a place outside to wait for the time to pass. This is another entrance/exit to the Underground shopping mall.

Yes my whole bag full of shopping, I was just dragging it around cos it was so heavy lol

Waited for sis, and then we had dinner at a restaurant around that area. 

And the raw crab is a MUST TRY. Just choose a safe and clean looking restaurant to have it at. 

I can't really describe the taste and flavors of the crab because like I said before, I'm not a foodie. But in a layman's way of description, the crab meat was soft, creamy like and very mild tasting. Sauce was heavily seasoned and a little spicy and it went so well with the raw crab. 

Had herbal chicken soup for dinner and i hardly touched it at all, just not used to the food.

Chicken is stuffed with rice 

I'd leave you to figure out what this advert's for

So we went back to the guest house to collect our stuff and got some coffee at the theater beside the bus stop (waiting for bus to airport)

No idea what it is, but is only $1 for 2 of that. 

Bus finally arrived and this pics were taken in the bus on the way to Incheon airport. 

Checked in our stuff and had another quick meal before our flight.

The yummiest prawn burger I ever had (Macdonald's ebi burger isn't even half way as good as this- although it's pretty good)

Another awesome thing about Korea is that water is widely available everywhere - for free. Yes, FREE. no need to pay 30cents for ice kosong, in restaurants, water is served for free, and here, they even have a water space where you can get drinking water hot / cold. For F-R-E-E.

Very cute snoopy cafe.

Forgot what did we go in there for but yeah here are some pictures.

One of the shops we passed while walking to our next plane 
On Taiwanese soil~ 

And finally we reached Singapore, and how can we not stock up on cheap liquor lol

beer, whisky, vodka, rum, yes bought them all.

And that's the end of our Korea trip, next destination for me would be KL, I've been wanting to go there for ages but something always comes up and I've to put that on hold.

Spent more than 8 hours on this post so I hope it was a good read! xxx