Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Typical Deborah weekend

Oh it's 2014 already. And I was thinking what do I have to be proud of this past year, '2013' and I think the few things I'm proud of can be counted off with one hand. 

Anyway I'm happy to have finally completed my diploma - this is a big accomplishment for me because I did it despite going through so much shit at the same time. Also, I realize as the year passed, that I've become a stronger person, more heartless and able to keep my barriers up at all times even when I feel like breaking down. I'm able to keep my emotions stable all the time despite having so much to justify throwing a tantrum or getting angry and upset. 

Made so many new friends this year too and came to realize there was no point clinging on to old friendships that do me more harm than good because it seemed I was the only party putting effort into maintaining the friendship. 

To be honest, I guess that's about it and another year has passed that I've been single and lonely most of the time so I want Mr. Right to be really Mr. Right or have one finally come into my life. But then again I don't think I would want to be committed to anyone ordinary so he has to be really perfect for me. Cuz once you've been together with someone who was the best, it's hard to be able to accept second best to him.

Anyway enough of the rambling, I had another crazy weekend (as usual) and this time it started from Thursday night.


Met a friend at ZSOFI, which is a tapas bar, for a chat. 

Went up to the second level. 

Fell in love with the comfy sofas and strange looking drawings on the wall.

Very comfortable seats with ample cushions and space for larger groups.

We decided to chill out at the roof top bar which was really windy but albeit too dimly lit for my liking.

The rather quaint looking bar. 

Free tapas!? Yes! With an order of any alcoholic drink, it entitles to you a free, or a few free, tapas. Tapas are basically small savoury dishes or appetizers like canapes and so on.

Got a chamomile tea (I think)

And I got an orange juice. I'm more of a juice or water or tea kind of person and I try to avoid fizzy drinks or artificially flavoured drinks most of the time. I dunno why but if I drink coke I feel like puking lol :-S and I only drink 7 up when I need to cure a hangover.


Cheese croquettes with bacon 

And these I think are some egg or potato cubes with spinach

Got steak because I was starving 

And that was Thursday night. Friday night, I had work at The Beacon.

It was my first time time and it was pretty cool, think an outdoor bar concept, with a live band and very windy.

Sampled their Pandan infused cocktail and although it smelt so good and delicious, I hardly fancied it. But then again I hardly like cocktails.

Was so excited for the 5 for $5 oyster deal and got a platter, finished all of it in 3 minutes. Absolutely love fresh oysters, the last time I ate like 30+ of them at a buffet, I felt like puking after that. LOL!! Unfortunately the staff claimed the oysters are sold out after that one plate. Otherwise I would have ate their whole supply. Wahahaha. 

Anyway the oysters were very good, sweet, and fresh tasting. 

Margherita pizza was okay, but have tasted better. Am not an easily satisfied person if you realized.

With the other gorgeous girls, Carlers, Janice and Esther.

One more I got off the Beacon Facebook page! 

After work, we went to some place called Deluxy and had more drinks, I was absolutely exhuasted and dead drunk by the time I got home, I'm surprised I could even wake up the next day.


And on Saturday, I met the girlfriend, Lindsay for some Girlfriend Time!! Brought her to eat my favorite chicken rice. 

And then we walked over to Thieves Market

I wasn't really sure where it was because the last time I went there was 2 years ago and also, even googling it, I wasn't able to find any recent updates or news about it so it could well have been removed or the vendors asked to evacuate. So we were taking a chance going there to look for it. 

When we reached the place I initially thought it was, there was a huge construction going on, apparently a new MRT line being constructed. Linds was about to give up but I insisted on looking a bit more, didn't believe that it would just be gone like that.

So we got a cab, and asked the uncle to go to Sungei Road. The uncle told us we were already at Sungei Road and it made me even more confused because sure as hell this wasn't Sungei Road.

Well apparently Sungei Road was just 1 minute from where we were and upon turning round a corner, we spotted the Thieves Market! I was certainly happy hahaha 

Thieves Market isn't like the usual flea market you'd expect, if you go there in the hopes of looking for a new dress or a pair of heels, you would be disappointed. You would more likely be able to find someone's old army uniform or an antique looking teapot.

From old typewritters and cassette players to freaky looking dolls and watches, you can find them all there in the midst of all the junk and dusty bits and pieces from what seems like a collection of someone's unwanted items.

However, as the saying goes, 'One man's junk is another man's treasure' so look hard and you may just find something that caught your eye and bargain hard enough and you may just walk off with the item at a fraction of the originally quoted price.

So what I went there for was to take a look at the watches there! Always been in love with vintage looking time pieces and the last time I was here, I bought a few. This time however I didn't find anything that really caught my interest, because I only go for watches with unique details.

I did have a enjoyable time sifting through the piles of watches and admiring the realistic fakes.

Out of curiosity, we asked the uncle how much the above Rolex watch cost. The uncle said it was $50, and Linds whispered to me "Is it real??? Rolex watch so cheap? Want buy?" I was laughing so much. And she still didn't know whether it's a fake or not. Hahaha.

I would probably have bought one of these if not for the ridiculous price the uncle at this particular store quoted me. He claimed it was a genuine Omega timepiece and said I could have it at $80. Do I really look that dumb!?

Anyway it was really pretty and I'm a sucker for vintage looking time pieces so I spent awhile looking at them but eventually decided that $80 was really a ridiculous price.

Another one which I fell in love with, pocket watch!! It's just so pretty!


Luckily the weather wasn't so hot on Saturday and it felt better to walk around when it was cool unlike the last time I came here when the sun was scorching hot.

Thieves Market is located at:
Sungei Road, Rochor
(Intersection of Weld Road)
15mins-20mins walk from Bugis MRT

After that it started to rain so linds and I decided to go to a hotel nearby................

For tea! Wahahaha

Cocotte at Wanderlust Hotel 

We were both admiring the yummy looking pastries and cakes so we decided to just get one each although we already had a huge lunch awhile ago.

I got the Citrus tart and Linds chose the Paris brest which looked so delicious. {rings of choux pastry with a hazelnut cream in the centre}

My citrus tart was so sour though and I got sick of it after half way through. Still like Wild Honey's lemon tart best.

For drinks I had the Iced Strawberry Mint Earl Grey which sounded rather posh lol but it was pretty bland (maybe the taste of the citrus tart was too strong) but still I quite liked it.

The hotel lobby! Love all the bizarre furniture and the effort in putting these pieces together to give the place a homely yet vintage and quirky vibe.

Wanderlust Hotel is located at:
2 Dickson Road 
209494 Singapore 
8 minute walk from Little India MRT
15 minute walk from Bugis MRT 


After Girlfriend Time, went home and changed and went out again for a quick dinner before heading to Attica. Yes I leave absolutely no time for rest on weekends. 

That was how I spent my last weekend and on Monday, had dinner with Veronica, Elizabeth and Kaden at Shokudo.

It was pretty last minute so we just *boom!* and picked this place. 

Ate here a few times before and each time I come I always had the same thing lol!!! Since like 3 or 4 years ago. 

Hakodate Seafood Cheese Pizza
Scallops, squid, prawns and clams on cheesy crispy pizza


And yesterday I felt so exhausted, apparently it's the time of the month so I guess this whole week I need rest. My complexion is worsening by the week I've no fucken idea why I assume it's the late nights and alcohol and lack of sleep so I'm gonna recuperate so I'll be ready for another crazy weekend. >:) 

Being very sad that I can't go out and celebrate the New year :3

Anyway I am heading to bed because I'm having a splitting head ache so will update soon again. Good naiiiiii ~ :D