Friday, January 31, 2014

To-gather cafe

A few weeks ago, Linds was telling me about how excited she was because a new cafe had opened nearby her house. She later also told me that the food was really good and I should come and eat with her there. I wasn't really interested because how good can cafes' food get, right? It's usually pasta and sandwiches I thought. 

Fast forward, within the span of a few days, I've been to this To-gather cafe twice already and I'm already thinking when is the next time I'm going back there. Few days ago, Linds and I were thinking of where to eat and so we just decided on this cafe since it was also near her house. 

My sequined daisy top is from: 

The surroundings of To-gather cafe hardly allows it to fit in. Dusty fruit stalls and pet-shops with bird cages outside them are it's neighbors. The chic wooden slate tables and chairs for outdoor dining and the bright pastel blue sign gives the cafe an inviting feeling for potential diners. 

Peering in through the glass doors, you'd see a long dining table for large groups, and smaller cozy booths for a more intimate conversation and cafe experience. 

What I really like about this cafe is the small detailed touches that are put in to give the perfect finishing touches to the entire design of the place. 

Linds' gorgeous litas <3 

I also really like the wood-and-brick design of the counter. 

My sparkly mermaid locket is from: 
She can customize keychains, ear studs, bracelets, and even necklaces for you! You can add your picture in it and I find that these meaningful items makes the best accessories or presents. 

Just 2 days ago, met up with Yan and Linds at To-gather cafe again for dinner. I was raving to Yan how good the Mexican Quesadilla was and she too was like: "Really? That good?" 

We had to camwhore with Yan's awesome selfie camera- (it's perfect it edits away any blemish or flaws)-after our dinner. It was great to meet both of them together again and I swear we couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole dinner, and most of the time, I don't even know what was funny. 

Look, flowers! :-P

No, we didn't plan to match our outfits but we somehow ended up wearing the same colour. 


Now that you've managed to go through all our camwhore pictures, time for food! 

"Order here"

The 'little touches' I meant earlier on are things like the cute wooden toy chair used to display the cafe's namecards, the little blackboard to tell you the soup of the day, the cute wall accessory of 4 stick people just chilling out (lol). Cafe lovers would probably appreciate little details like these and for me, I really quite like it. 

To-gather cafe also has a small selection of sweet desserts like Matcha Red Bean cake, Chocolate Lava cake, and Caramel Chocolate Pear Mousse. 

At the back you can see a small alcove, that is actually a play area for kids! How thoughtful and perfect for a cafe located in a residential/housing area. 

Selection of Gryphon teas 

Another adorable wall ornament 

"the best things in life are unseen, that's why we close our eyes when we kiss, laugh and dream" not to mention the meaningful quotes printed onto the walls at random angles 


To-gather Breezer - Strawberry 

Mexican Quesadilla (6pcs)
Grilled chicken slices with tomato salsa dip 

These quesadillas would probably be the main reason why I would keep revisiting this cafe. It's super delicious and cheap at $5.90 for 6 pcs. The wrapping is crisp and the filling of grilled chicken slices, cubed capsicums(or chillis) and melted cheese is too delicious to describe.

The tomato salsa dip is probably one that I like the best as of now, it's tangy sweet tomato cubes and blended perfectly with the mix of spices and bits of cucumber and onions. It is an excellent appetite whetter and I recommend this as a MUST TRY if you visit To-gather cafe.

The Grilled Pandan chicken chop (served with wedges and seasonal vegetables) sounded interesting but I decided to have the salmon instead.

Pan-fried Salmon Fillet 
served with lime butter sauce, mashed potato and seasonal vegetables 

It was pretty good, the sauce was very tasty and delicious and the mash potato went well with the slightly salty salmon. I would say that for $11.90, it is totally worth every dollar.

For dessert, I had the:
Apple crumble with Vanilla gelato 

It was just okay, nothing special. Linds also tried the Matcha Red Bean cake previously and she said it tasted pretty bland, so I don't recommend trying either of these desserts.

And just like that, each time we went there, 2-4hours flew past without us even realizing it. Because the place was so comfortable, the atmosphere felt so relaxed, we could just stay there for ages talking and laughing. 

And because I'm starting work next Wednesday, I'm feeling kind of nervous, wish me luck! Looking forward to the last long and lazy weekend and have a great Chinese New Year. :D 


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Typical Deborah Weekend: The Beacon // Flea Titan

Hello there!! I usually do my Typical Weekend posts on Mondays, but I've only managed to find time now. So I got a job!! Lolll :D Won't reveal any details, but I'm still thinking what to do with my education, if I should study this year or not. 

Last Friday, had dinner at The Beacon. The main reason why I like to go there is solely for the 5 for $5 oyster promo and also, it's a refreshing change from the usual house or R&B club music. 

The Beacon has a live band - 'The Vibes' performing and I quite like the catchy music although I'm not a huge fan of live bands. 

The Beacon 

The last time I was here, if you remember, we ordered the Pandan Martini which smelled absolutely delicious but did not agree with my taste buds. I still think it's a really interesting concoction which should be tried.


There are bar seats and tables but also comfortable plush sofa chairs if you want to have a really chill out and relaxed drink. 

What I find attractive are the really good promos. You know how some places offer really crap promos like $1 off a drink or something like that? The Beacon offers some of the best promos I've ever come across.
On Mondays, you get
1 for 1 on all pizzas 
with purchase of any alcoholic beverage

On Tuesdays
you get free flow of martinis 
at $20++ 
with a complimentary canape 

On Wednesdays
you get 1 for 1 on 
ALL house pours and beers

On Thursdays
you get a complimentary canape 
with the purchase of ANY alcoholic beverage 

And... The best is kept for last: 
On Fridays
A platter of 5 fresh oysters for $5 

This is probably one of the best, and most enticing offer I've seen any bar offer thus far, (or maybe I haven't been bar hopping for quite awhile) and the oysters are absolutely fresh and delicious, a little salty which is PERFECT. I can't stand bland oysters. 

Got ourselves some drinks first.

And the oyster craze will begin! I think we ordered about 50 in total and I ate at least 20. It's really so yummy especially with the laid back atmosphere and alcohol, it's a pretty awesome place to hang out on Friday nights.

The open air concept is a change from smoky and freezing clubs, and don't worry about it being warm, because it's very windy all the time and there are ample fans to cool the place.

Spaghetti Carbonara 
bacon bits, onions, served up in cream sauce 

Crab Meat Aglio Olio 
angel hair pasta served with crab meat aglio olio style 

Despite already eating a dozen of oysters already, I still was hardly satisfied. I mean, what the heck it's such an awesome deal might as well eat more since I'm already there. So we ordered 10 more.

Even after eating half of that, I still felt I could eat somemore (yes I'm a really crazy oyster fanatic) so we ordered 1 more platter to go with the bottle of pinot grigio.

It was really a satisfying dinner indulging in oysters (I ate nothing but oysters and one slice of pizza) but I wanted to try something more special and so we ordered the

Caprese Mozzarella E Tomato 
mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes with fresh basil 

It was quite nice and whetted my appetite again, I don't know why I was so greedy. :( 

However I did not want to again indulge in rich foods so decided to just get the home-made gelato. I have to say this is the crappiest gelato I've ever tasted in my entire life.

I'm very particular about desserts, because if you start a meal badly, if the dessert is good, it will somehow leave you with a sweet aftertaste. If you had a fantastic meal, you would obviously have high expectations of the dessert and I felt extremely let down, in fact I hardly even touched the gelato after tasting it.

Overall, I say The Beacon is a must-go for Friday nights, especially to enjoy the 5 for $5 Oyster deal and do try their pizzas and signature cocktails! 

The Beacon is located at:
6 Raffles Boulevard
#01-01/02/03 Marina Square
Singapore 039594

+65 6883 1155 


On Saturday, I spent the entire day lazing at home and watching Korean drama. 

With no difference to any other Saturday, went to Attica again this time with Carlers, Ketty (I've known her since we were in Secondary 2) and Elizabeth. 

Vincent also stopped by for a bit (:

Bubbles and Ballers


On Sunday I woke up with a massive hangover, and was so mad at my Dad cuz he woke me up at 10am (I slept at 7am) and I couldn't get back to sleep. 

So after lying around in bed for a good 3 hours, went down to club Dream / Playhouse for Flea Titan. 

I reached about 3pm and by then, there was no crowd at all. It was ridiculously empty and you could count the number of people who came. 

Got fed up after awhile and went to Dream to look for Shenny. Linds and Shauna were also there, along with Francesca. 

Linds booth

I have so much old stock to clear, if you see anything you like here, go visit my Instagram at, any piece here is going for $12. For now I will not be so active for my online store because I want to focus on my job and also blogging, but I'll bring in nice pieces from time to time. (;

There was also a booth selling sweet treats like cupcakes and macaroons, I was so tempted to buy but because I felt really terrible (hangover sucks), I just couldn't think of having these sweet and creamy cakes. 

I love rainbow cakes!!! They look so pretty! 
Never had the chance to try one yet tho. 

Toil n Trouble's booth {} owned by Jiahui. 
Toil n trouble will be one of my newest clothing sponsors and I am looking forward to showing my readers how pretty their stuff are.

Also if you are interested in sponsoring me / advertorials, my contact email is / or alternatively, you can add me on Facebook for easier contact  

These are my ONLY contact emails and if you received emails from ANY OTHER EMAIL, it is NOT ME. Someone recently has been impersonating me on several platforms so please be cautious about it! I will report and dig into the situation if the impersonator(s) do not stop because I'm getting seriously annoyed about it.


Club Dream 

This post sums up my very packed weekend again and I'm gonna be ridiculously busy in the next few weeks but you can be sure every Monday/Tuesday update is a regular routine. 

Also, I'm so excited to be blogging next about my first cafe visit with Linds (that girl is a cafe fanatic seriously) so it should be up later this week! 

Till the next post