Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Typical Deborah Weekend

Been very busy recently because I have much to sort out but still I won't neglect this blog! 

So recently I had 2 interviews so far, both were for positions in law firms. I'm especially hoping to get into either one of these 2 because they are so well established and known so I really want an opportunity to work for them and learn from them. I felt that yesterday's interview didn't really go well, I was quite nervous because there were 2 interviewers, and also I was asked about intellectual property and technology to which I was only able to give a brief explanation of what I thought it was. I was also asked how much I knew about this particular firm, to which I said not much. T_T should I have read up about the firm? I didn't realize i would be asked about the firm itself and not the practice area. Oh well...... Just crossing my fingers. If they don't call me by tomorrow, time to start sending in my cv to other firms. 

And also I am still thinking if I should study this year. It's quite a stressful year for me so I am not sure if I can cope with juggling so many responsibilities. But I would likely continue studying, don't wanna waste a year. 

On Friday, had a date night with Joel at Dempsey Hill. Everything was quite spontaneous but I must say I had a great time. 

We were looking for a place for dinner and I remembered this bar tucked behind this block, been there before a few years back so we decided to go see if it was still there.

And yes it was! :D 

Bar. Lounge. Bistro. 

As described on their website:

"Our concept of Bar, Lounge and Bistro complimented by an enchanting landscape of lush greenery just takes every element of stress in you away. There's a choice between dining indoor or outdoor to cater to your preference. With an all round glass façade customers seating indoor get to enjoy a full view of the outdoor scenery at the same time.
An enticing indoor décor lavished with mirrors, velvety maroon curtains, plushy chairs and warm lights sets the mood for an exclusive dining experience. For those who love the fresh air, you can always choose to dine in our cozy alfresco setting.
We serve an array of fusion food invented and prepared by our dedicated chefs, so don't hesitate for some self-indulgence. Chill and have a few games of darts or pool with our unique concoction of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages made by our experienced bartenders."

I think it would be pretty hard to spot this place if you didn't know it was here. It's hidden by thick bushes from the road and only if you look close enough, then can you spot a steep flight of stairs leading down to this cozy bar.

It was pretty crowded and noisy tho and some other customer was singing (or murdering) a song. Yes they have karaoke. Lol -_-

Seafood Aglio Olio 
Squid, prawns and mussels with linguine 

Homemade thin crust Seafood Pizza
Topped with fresh tomato, mozzarella, spicy garlic prawns and squid

By the way, Idle also has a small but delicious sounding Tapas like crab bruschetta and whisky scallops. If you feel like having BBQ, surprisingly, the outdoor seating area can cater for you with the charcoal BBQ steamboat set which includes chicken, pork, sausages, squid, prawns, scallops, meat balls, crab sticks, enoki mushroom and mixed vegetables. 

Idle is located at:
Block 16A Dempsey Road, Singapore 249679 

Operating hours:
Monday - Thursday 6pm - 12am 
Friday and Saturday 6pm - 1am 

For reservations: 
+65 6479 6188


Spent the entire Saturday lazing at home because I was so sleepy (and lazy). At night, went to Attica with le sis and met up with some friends there. 

Couldn't decide what to wear and was just sitting on the floor pestering my sis to help me choose what to wear. Look at my pathetic face hahaha.

It was an ok night but I got drunk by 1am. Not like crazy-puke-everywhere drunk but a high drunk and felt kind of crappy, I like drinking alot but don't like the feeling of getting high and dizzy lol yeah contradicting cuz it kind of defeats the purpose of drinking and partying. 

With my babe Elizabeth 


 Some of the pics that were taken last Saturday with Vincent, Shi ming, Veronica, Elizabeth and Cheryl's mom and friend. Wahahaha that was one crazy helluva night.


On Sunday I stayed home the entire day, sucks because I hate wasting my weekend staying at home. And I think sis took this when I was cooking dinner I spotted it in my phone. 

So yeah it's only Tuesday but I can't wait for Friday already and crossing my fingers, hope I'd get the call for the job tomorrow. T_T Can't stand uncertainly waiting. 


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