Monday, February 24, 2014

[Adv] Summeriscent

My obsession with floral prints started when my sister brought home a floral top years ago, when Scape underground was still a hot, sweaty and stuffy flea market with vendors selling preloved clothes. The top she brought home was chiffon material, with dusty pink roses on a cream base, and the straps had little bows on it. Since then, I've fell in love with floral prints. 

I'm quite fussy when it comes to clothes, and similarly, I don't just like any floral print I see, the flowers have to be well defined and the pattern should be nicely blended, don't like too harsh colours either. 

When I received these 2 gorgeous pieces from 

I absolutely fell in love with both of them. 

My first pick was the 

Vintage floral print bralet 

and the floral prints are so vintage and pretty!! 

It surprisingly goes well with a lot of my sweaters, because it's hard to match print on print. 

And like this kimono, it looks really pretty worn together.

I'm a flower girl~ for 5 minutes.

My second pick was the 

Floral clusters on Dark blue bralet

And it's equally as pretty, I love the little details of the floral clusters and the fact that these bralets have boning make it all the more better! 

I liked the bralets that much that I spent 40 minutes taking pictures, and I think these pics hardly do justice to how gorgeous the floral prints were. 

Thank you Summeriscent for the pretty bralets, go check out their store now on Instagram!!

and they have a store for bikinis too, floral bikinis at only $20, honestly I think it's an absolute steal 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why I stopped giving a fuck to society

Why I stopped giving a fuck to Society 
yeah that's you, judgmental asshole 

When was the last time someone called you a slut, because you posted a picture of yourself in your underwear - you felt comfortable in your skin, and you posted this picture on Facebook. 

When was the last time told you that you were a gone case, because you had piercings and tattoos and because of that, you would never find a job and you are stupid. 


When I was younger, like in primary school, I craved acceptance a lot. Perhaps because of certain personal stuff back then, or maybe because I was still finding out what I actually am, well back then I wanted to be accepted badly. By classmates, by teachers, by seniors and even to my parents' friends and acquaintances. I often felt I would never fit in because I wasn't good looking - my dad always gave me this ugly as hell hair cut and my mom made me wear clothes of her choice- which was crap. I remember once this stranger called me "di di" which is basically little brother in Chinese, and I felt horrible for weeks after that, mind you, I was still really young so things like that would affect a kid a lot; kept thinking if I looked ugly or do I look like a boy. 

Fast forward to secondary school, I was in Express stream in sec 1. I felt quite happy then. Unfortunately I dropped to normal acad in sec 2 and I got made fun of, bullied and teased by classmates and even sec 1 students. I felt so humiliated for most of the year. I became pretty much an introvert and dared not look anyone in the eye. I felt there was something wrong with me and that's why people treated and looked at me this way. I spent many nights crying at home hating myself. 

Fast forward a year again, I joined a gang. I guess I was still pretty much messed up. I got my first tattoo done and subsequently couldn't stop, I was addicted to how the ink would look on my skin, the buzz of getting tattooed and also basically I felt my tattoos would 'protect' me. It would be a facade, to tell people to back off and I'm not someone they can mess around with. And to my surprise, it actually did. People who bullied the shit out of me called me "Da jie" or "sister", people who made fun of me wanted to hang out with me now. My tattoos hid the person I actually was back then, shy, introvert, timid, quiet and mild tempered. 

Unfortunately I grew into the facade I put up. I begin to get into fights and I started to do really stupid things.  Everyone in school knew me, as the chao ah lian. The one who had to stick a plaster on her chest cuz her tattoo would show, the one who had to wear an arm sock on her hand and someone that should be avoided. The one who beat a guy in the school canteen and had gang connections. The one who had so many piercings and refused to take off no matter which teacher asked her to. 

What they didn't know was how humiliated I felt before when I was bullied, how much I cried before at night, they didn't know they despite the 'reputation' I had, deep down I was still the same. I was fun, easy to get along with and would never bully anyone unlike how I was bullied. I treasured people, and I've never liked to make someone feel bad about him/herself because I understand that feeling so well. 

I think it was when I was 17 or 18 and then I realized I shouldn't give a fuck what people think about me. 

Why should I show people that I'm not someone they should mess with. Why should they think that I'm a loser. Why should I have a gang to 'take care' of me. Why should I need to prove myself to anyone? 

And then I started planning for my future. But it was already too late, I did so badly for my O levels. Everyone said I should just quit studying and go be a waitress for life or something. 

Fast forward 3-4 years, right now I just finished my diploma. I'm doing another professional course late this year or next year. And after that I may do a law degree for self fulfillment and also to aid me in my career. 

I'm already building my career path, I know what I want to be (more or less) and I'm working towards it. I'm working for a company and a very competent boss and I hope I will gain much experience and knowledge from this job. I have an income of around 3k a month and I am looking at ways to increase it. I think it's not too bad for a chao ah lian is it not? 

And even then people still think I'm a delinquent, I'm someone who picks fights, parties all the time and gets wasted and probably get da bao-ed home. I'm someone who would make her parents so embarrassed of her. I'm someone who had 'no hope' as how a person told me before. I'm someone that is a waste of space. I'm someone that would probably end up doing nothing in life and never achieving anything. I'm someone that probably has no job, because who the hell would wanna hire me with those tattoos and no education, or so they thought. 

But I'm sorry, I'm not. I work hard, too fucking hard, anyone who knows me will know that I'm a hard worker. I try my best to contribute to society, and give to the less fortunate. I'm someone that can spend a whole day in bed in my pjs watching Korean dramas and crying and then finishing a book about politics. I'm someone that my dad is proud of, whom he has long conversations with, who wakes up early to prepare breakfast for me and massages my feet when I'm tired. I'm someone that can talk to my mom when I'm sad and need advise. I'm someone that never gives up no matter how tough it gets or how close I am to breaking down. I'm someone that constantly looks at ways to improve or fulfill my ways or my life. I'm someone that has more going on in her life than just clubbing and drinking every weekend. 

I'm someone that would one day, prove everyone that ever looked down on me wrong, not because I give a shit about these people, but because this is the person I want to be. 

This is my summarized journey of how I lived, and how I learnt not to give a fuck what people think, because no matter what you do or what you really are, you'd still get judged, people are still going to think I'm a chao ah lian or I'm a slut, bimbo, a 'gone-case' that has no more hope as compared to them. 

Learn that people will never stop putting you down, discouraging you, hurting you and laughing at you. 

And through that, build yourself up and grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually and you'd one day realize, people's opinions of you no longer matter, but how you view yourself is what really counts. 

And the next time before you start talking shit about someone, make sure you know a thing or two about her instead of passing your shallow, uncalled for sentence on the person. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[Adv] Carrislabelle

Being a very lucky and fortunate girl I am, I was recently sponsored a few pieces from

Now I really loveeee the cute bralets and crop tops they have but because I'm gonna be in an office for most of my life for at least the next 2 years (meh!), I chose pieces that I could wear to work! (: 

My first choice was the

Flutter sleeve top in Blue

It's a really basic piece but I really like the pretty details on the sleeves. 

Candid! Hahaha 

My second choice was the

Maroon Floral Baby Doll Dress

I like the cutting of this piece and it fits me perfectly! 

It's perfect for a day out with the girl friends and it matches practically any pair of shoes I own.

My last choice was the

Houndstooth Leather Dress 

and what made me chose it was the leather details on the sides! 

Can you believe how many smiley pics I post these days? :D
And yeah the awkward pose, I was trying not to slide off. 

Go check out 


for a range of clothing from tops, bottoms, dresses and playsuits (super cute pieces they have right now) to accessories! Also, did I mention all their clothing is super affordable, and the tops they have are the classic pieces, with little details. 

Follow them on Instagram at 

Have fun shopping! xxx 

Monday, February 17, 2014

[Adv] Toil n Trouble . net

I've always had a thing for cute tumblr-like tops or something like fresh tops. I'm someone that is really crazy about unique tops, it's the latest trend recently - tops with meaningless word(s) printed on it yet looks frickin cool. You'd know what I mean if you somewhat follow fashion trends.

And although I don't shop online much, it's nice to lie in the comfort of your bed and browse through blogshops, also, the anticipation of receiving your much awaited items in the mail makes any bad day, better. :D

One of my favorite blogshops is 

Because it has really pretty and sweet pieces (think lace and cherries and pastel) but also has unique hard to find pieces like this top I picked out of all the girly designs.  

I think I have quite a few pieces from them already and I madly love all of 'em. I foresee myself wearing this top often because I don't have halter necks and this is super cute! <3 

It also comes in White and if you'd like to purchase it; 


Quote "Deborah" for free postage! 

I <3 Internet 

Toil n Trouble is one of my main clothing sponsors and you'd see more of their fab clothing on here soon. 

For now, follow them on Instagram at:


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tanuki Raw

Tanuki Raw - Singapore raw bar, restaurant, and classic cocktails

image from:

So most of you would've known, I've started working last week. All I can say about my job is that it's so fast paced, and I worry all the time about making mistakes, I feel stupid around my collegues who seem to know everything (I know they've been there for years but thing is I feel like I learn so slowly) and yeah I'm pretty stressed out. 

When it was Friday,  I was really happy and Joel suggested that we go to Tanuki for drinks. 

I made him wait for quite awhile because I had to sort some stuff out and when I walked in, I saw him sitting there eating some snack, so cute. 

Anyway, Tanuki has an outdoor seating area, and because it is on the second level of Orchard Central, you get a view of the busy and brightly lit streets. It was also pretty windy so it was a great place to unwind and relax after a long and stressful week. 

Wasabi Octopus
octopus with wasabi seasoning 

This wasn't too bad, especially since I can't stand wasabi. But the wasabi taste wasn't strong and the octopus were delicious and appetite whetting. It's quite good for a light snack to pair with your drink. 

Joel's Vodka cocktail 

The deal with Tanuki Raw is, 

With every 1 alcoholic drink, you are entitled to purchase 6 oysters at $2/piece which, to an oyster lover like me, is absolutely perfect, I mean you get to choose from a lovely selection of alcoholic drinks and at the same time, get to buy oysters cheap!? Perfect! 

And from 8pm-9:45pm, with every alcoholic drink purchased, you get to purchase salmon sashimi @ $5. Trust me, this place is definitely a must go. 

Tanuki Raw's lunch set Menu 

Cocktail list

Alcoholic drinks list 

Other than the oysters and sashimi, there are other food served too like the Steak Tartar - minced raw Australian beef with sake-poached fuji apples, wasabi mayo, mustard and truffle salt or Oyster Poppers - succulent oysters wrapped in bacon served with wasabi mayo.

 As you would have already expected, yes we ordered like 18 oysters or so. My only gripe was that out of the 18 or so oysters we ordered, one of them was really non-existent, like just a thin layer of flesh. Apart from that, the oysters were really fresh and delicious. 

You can see that oyster in the right of the below pic.

California Tanuki Roll 
the Western roll that started them all - avacado, crabstick, cucumber and tobiko with yuzu mayo

And Joel absolutely loved this
Ocean Rockefeller 
salmon, scallop, and spicy lobster seasoned in lemon juice 
and triple sec served on scallop shells with torched mozzarella 

Because I can't stand raw / smoked food, I didn't try this but it smelt absolutely divine T_T I ordered it for myself actually without realizing it's raw so Joel ate all.



181 Orchard Road 
#02-03 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896


11:30 AM - 10:30 PM daily
5 PM - 8 PM Happy Hour daily
Last order of food at 9:45 PM and
drinks at 10:15 PM


Tanuki Raw
phone: +65 6636 5949 

Please note that they do not take reservations. 

 Oh and when Joel was sending me home, suddenly there were fireworks while we were waiting for the traffick light to turn green. o_o How romantic right!

Nothing less than perfect, but everything we have, it took effort. :)


Saturday, February 8, 2014

7 reasons why you should never cheat on your boyfriend

Not sure about you, but I'm quite sure everyone has cheated before, or thought about cheating before - whether acting upon it or just merely fantasizing, some say having such thoughts are already as good as making you an unfaithful partner, I don't quite agree with that though.

For me, I've thought about cheating before. Many many times. Say whatever you want, but it's in humans nature to get attracted to someone good looking and wonder what it's like to kiss her/him, you get my point. Whether you choose to act on that temptation is an entire separate issue.

I would never cheat on my boyfriend for these 7 reasons:

1. The feeling of guilt and miserableness that follows 

I'm someone which feels guilty if I did something that I know would hurt someone I like alot.

I believe it's the same for almost everyone, if you really liked someone, and by doing something you know that would really hurt him, the feeling of guilt is intense.

I would feel especially upset if my boyfriend has been treating me really well and is unsuspecting of me.

Having to bear the heavy burden of not knowing when your fling would be exposed is just not worth it. And eventually, if you choose to tell him of that one night stand you had, even if he forgives you, it would be quite impossible to have his trust in you fully rebuilt for a long while.

2. The other guy

If there was any brief attraction or feelings between you and the other guy, I think it would be gone the instance you sleep with him.

The other guy probably thinks you're hot, knows you have a boyfriend and desperately wants you. If you do like him, end things with the boyfriend first before taking things to another level with the other guy.

If you decide you want both guys, the other guy would probably treat you as a cheap fling, after all if you can sleep with him while you're in a relationship, you would likely do that to him too and he would have no interest for a girl that is so easily attainable.

And I think it's really dumb to give up a great relationship (that is if everything in your relationship is going well), a boyfriend who genuinely cares about your happiness and well being, who truly loves you for all your imperfections and little embarrassing things that you try to hide, for a guy who barely knows anything about you and just wants to get you to bed.

3. The embarrassment you would bring to your boyfriend and yourself 

Presumably, if the other guy is like most guys, he would likely go around telling his friends what a slut you are, and boast about how he got you into bed.

The mistake most of us females make is trusting guys too much. Yes, sure he promised to keep it to himself. This means telling 10 of his close buddies, and gossip like this spreads quickly. My problem is that I mix with guys too often, and I hear things like this all the time which makes me extremely apprehensive and cautious of anything that has a penis. (lol)

Imagine how your boyfriend, the one who gave you sweet kisses on your forehead, the one who planned for weeks how to give you an amazing anniversary dinner, the one who thinks about you every night before he sleeps and smiles at your text messages, yes, the sweet loving boyfriend, imagine how he would react when he heard of how his girlfriend got "fucked" and how easy she is.

Would that few minutes of pleasure make up for how crushed and broken he would feel when he finds out? How embarrassed he would feel, how sad he would be?

I really can't think how it'll be worth it.

4. You could get STD

This is probably horrifying and the worse punishment ever.

I've got a girlfriend who cheated on her boyfriend, and she got gonorrhea. She told us that it was the most painful experience ever and she had to lie to her boyfriend that she was on her period when he wanted sex.

It is definitely safer to stick to sleeping with a guy you're in a relationship with, than to sleep with someone you barely know and risk contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

5.You gave him a trump card 

Your boyfriend, who is in love with you, decides to forgive you. You are elated and extremely relieved, and decide to never cheat on him again.

Unfortunately, it's not over just like that. He will use the incident of you cheating on him to justify his paranoidism if he calls you 30 times when you are out with your girlfriends. If you catch him looking at a hot girl, or texting a girl, he'd remind you that you cheated on him before and he forgave you, and his nowhere near cheating on you so how dare you even accuse him of anything.

He can say his forgiven you entirely, but put yourself in his position, would you be able to entirely forgive and wipe out the incident fully from memory? I think not. There would always be a certain degree of doubt and this could be the cause of many future problems.

6. He will need time to get over it 

And the uncertainty you have to go through during this period is just really depressing.

Getting cheated on is not something anyone can come to reality with in minutes. He would need time to think if he loves you enough to be able to continue the relationship knowing you've slept with someone else. He would consider if he should give the girl who has been liking him for the longest time ever a chance instead of rebuilding the tainted relationship with you, the cheating partner. He will probably date other girls and if he find happiness with them, there is absolutely hardly any chance or reason he will want to get back with you.

If you still love him at this point of time, you're going to be depressed, upset, you're going to self-blame, self-reproach, and hate yourself tremendously. If he was the one who cheated on you, at least you know you did nothing wrong.

But knowing you're the cause of the entire great relationship crumbling, you will hate yourself for that.

If you're still thinking of cheating on your boyfriend because the sex life isn't that good anymore, see my last reason - the one I adhere to and remind myself everytime when I get into a relationship:

7. You love him 

And if you truly love someone, there is absolutely no justifiable reason for wanting to do something that would bring him tremendous pain and sadness.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Yomenya Goemon

Today I had lunch at Yomenya Goemon (Changi City Point outlet). It describes itself as a Japanese Spaghetti House and having been to Japan and tried the best spaghetti there, I had high expectations for this place. 

The display of food served outside the restaurant looked pretty good 

I expected the food to be more pricey, but it was actually quite decently priced, even offering set lunches with a large selection of spaghettis to choose from. 

More interestingly, Half & Half set lunches are also offered. 

For those who can't decide what to have, these set lunches would probably be perfect for you.  

On the menu.. 

Japanese Pizza

We did not order any dessert, but desserts offered include:

Chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream ($6) 
Souffle cheese cake with strawberry ice cream ($6)
Mango pudding with vanilla ice cream ($6)

I would so like to try the souffle cheese cake the next time I eat there again! 

Anyway, because I had Lunch B, it came with a soup, salad and soft drink. There was a small salad bar and you could make your own salad. Condiments like Wafu Mayo, Bacon bits and Sesame toppings were available too. 

It was simple but was quite good with the additional condiments


Salmon and Broccoli spaghetti 
Did not try this, but the smell of cheese was quite strong and it looked delicious. 

Squid Ink spaghetti 
Did not try this too but it smelt super yummy and was told it was really good. 

My friend ordered the Half & Half set C

Vongole Bianco 
Carbonara with Yolk and Bacon 

I ordered the
Mediterranean Tomato Cream Soup Spaghetti with Fresh Seafood
It was pretty good, the tomato soup was tasty enough and the dollop of cream gave the soup a creamy texture. The mussels were really nice too. The portion was too big for me though, and I only managed 1/4 of it. 

If you are looking for a satisfying Japanese restaurant that serves spaghettis and pizzas at an affordable price, I would definitely recommend this place. 

Yomenya Goemon is located at:

Yomenya Goemon Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038
Tel: 66364816

Yomenya Goemon Marina Bay Link Mall
8A Marina Boulevard
#B2-03 Marina Bay Link Mall
Tel: 65094670

Yomenya Goemon Citylink Mall
1 Raffles Link
#B1-63A Citylink Mall
Tel: 67355725

Yomenya Goemon 112 Katong
112 East Coast Road
#02-12 112 Katong
Tel: 66364816