Saturday, February 8, 2014

7 reasons why you should never cheat on your boyfriend

Not sure about you, but I'm quite sure everyone has cheated before, or thought about cheating before - whether acting upon it or just merely fantasizing, some say having such thoughts are already as good as making you an unfaithful partner, I don't quite agree with that though.

For me, I've thought about cheating before. Many many times. Say whatever you want, but it's in humans nature to get attracted to someone good looking and wonder what it's like to kiss her/him, you get my point. Whether you choose to act on that temptation is an entire separate issue.

I would never cheat on my boyfriend for these 7 reasons:

1. The feeling of guilt and miserableness that follows 

I'm someone which feels guilty if I did something that I know would hurt someone I like alot.

I believe it's the same for almost everyone, if you really liked someone, and by doing something you know that would really hurt him, the feeling of guilt is intense.

I would feel especially upset if my boyfriend has been treating me really well and is unsuspecting of me.

Having to bear the heavy burden of not knowing when your fling would be exposed is just not worth it. And eventually, if you choose to tell him of that one night stand you had, even if he forgives you, it would be quite impossible to have his trust in you fully rebuilt for a long while.

2. The other guy

If there was any brief attraction or feelings between you and the other guy, I think it would be gone the instance you sleep with him.

The other guy probably thinks you're hot, knows you have a boyfriend and desperately wants you. If you do like him, end things with the boyfriend first before taking things to another level with the other guy.

If you decide you want both guys, the other guy would probably treat you as a cheap fling, after all if you can sleep with him while you're in a relationship, you would likely do that to him too and he would have no interest for a girl that is so easily attainable.

And I think it's really dumb to give up a great relationship (that is if everything in your relationship is going well), a boyfriend who genuinely cares about your happiness and well being, who truly loves you for all your imperfections and little embarrassing things that you try to hide, for a guy who barely knows anything about you and just wants to get you to bed.

3. The embarrassment you would bring to your boyfriend and yourself 

Presumably, if the other guy is like most guys, he would likely go around telling his friends what a slut you are, and boast about how he got you into bed.

The mistake most of us females make is trusting guys too much. Yes, sure he promised to keep it to himself. This means telling 10 of his close buddies, and gossip like this spreads quickly. My problem is that I mix with guys too often, and I hear things like this all the time which makes me extremely apprehensive and cautious of anything that has a penis. (lol)

Imagine how your boyfriend, the one who gave you sweet kisses on your forehead, the one who planned for weeks how to give you an amazing anniversary dinner, the one who thinks about you every night before he sleeps and smiles at your text messages, yes, the sweet loving boyfriend, imagine how he would react when he heard of how his girlfriend got "fucked" and how easy she is.

Would that few minutes of pleasure make up for how crushed and broken he would feel when he finds out? How embarrassed he would feel, how sad he would be?

I really can't think how it'll be worth it.

4. You could get STD

This is probably horrifying and the worse punishment ever.

I've got a girlfriend who cheated on her boyfriend, and she got gonorrhea. She told us that it was the most painful experience ever and she had to lie to her boyfriend that she was on her period when he wanted sex.

It is definitely safer to stick to sleeping with a guy you're in a relationship with, than to sleep with someone you barely know and risk contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

5.You gave him a trump card 

Your boyfriend, who is in love with you, decides to forgive you. You are elated and extremely relieved, and decide to never cheat on him again.

Unfortunately, it's not over just like that. He will use the incident of you cheating on him to justify his paranoidism if he calls you 30 times when you are out with your girlfriends. If you catch him looking at a hot girl, or texting a girl, he'd remind you that you cheated on him before and he forgave you, and his nowhere near cheating on you so how dare you even accuse him of anything.

He can say his forgiven you entirely, but put yourself in his position, would you be able to entirely forgive and wipe out the incident fully from memory? I think not. There would always be a certain degree of doubt and this could be the cause of many future problems.

6. He will need time to get over it 

And the uncertainty you have to go through during this period is just really depressing.

Getting cheated on is not something anyone can come to reality with in minutes. He would need time to think if he loves you enough to be able to continue the relationship knowing you've slept with someone else. He would consider if he should give the girl who has been liking him for the longest time ever a chance instead of rebuilding the tainted relationship with you, the cheating partner. He will probably date other girls and if he find happiness with them, there is absolutely hardly any chance or reason he will want to get back with you.

If you still love him at this point of time, you're going to be depressed, upset, you're going to self-blame, self-reproach, and hate yourself tremendously. If he was the one who cheated on you, at least you know you did nothing wrong.

But knowing you're the cause of the entire great relationship crumbling, you will hate yourself for that.

If you're still thinking of cheating on your boyfriend because the sex life isn't that good anymore, see my last reason - the one I adhere to and remind myself everytime when I get into a relationship:

7. You love him 

And if you truly love someone, there is absolutely no justifiable reason for wanting to do something that would bring him tremendous pain and sadness.



  1. This is probably the best 7 reasons why we should nvr cheat our other half

  2. You need 7 reasons why you shouldn't cheat? Wow. There should only be 1 reason, and it's because cheating is wrong.

  3. You only need 1. It's WRONG to cheat. You don't need 7 reasons. Really? So for example, if there wasn't any risk of an STD, you'd go ahead and cheat? Of course not! That isn't a real reason why someone shouldn't cheat. If you're worried about STDs, you wouldn't even have sex. Just giving an example that your reasoning isn't justified. You shouldn't cheat because it's wrong.

    1. I totally agree with you, we don't need 7 reasons to know why we shouldn't cheat!

      However, why do men and women still cheat on their other half?

      These 7 reasons would help a man or a woman understand and have a thought process on whether they should give in to temptation or not.

      Yes, there is actually no tangible reasons required to know why we should not cheat. Cheating is wrong. But sometimes, the temptation is so strong that we have to really ask ourselves these questions that Deborah has stated. Perhaps after asking thyself on the questions, he or she may not cheat (I Hope)

      These applies to us men to women too :)

  4. I cheated on my left hand...

  5. wonderful grammars,wonderful story so wonderful but i don't have a girlfriend ...i think u r my old changkat primary school so beautiful! clap clap

  6. I dont see a need to reprimand her or comment why there ate 7 reasons. Basically it says so clearly for people who is going to cheat ontheir partner. If you are not one; ypu may choose NOT to read. Period.

  7. It's easy to say that OH, there's only one reason why you shouldn't cheat, cause it's wrong, right? Fact is human beings do things that consensus deem as wrong all the time. Tell me in your entire life you haven't acted against what society would brand as "right"? Sometimes you do need to rationalize in life.

  8. Great post. I cheated on my boyfriend several times and he found out and got really upset. He.decided to stay.with me because he said he really loves me. The first year after he found out, things were really rough and he went through a major depression and he hid it from me the whole time, always pretending to be fine, when he was really insecure and tried starving himself to lose weight. Anyway things are generally much better now and I have quit my cheating ways. Everything you said in the article is true. It's hard to stay faithful, especially when so many guys like you. There's also a lot of complicating factors and reasons why people cheat. Sometimes you just have to make the mistake to learn from it. I know now that it's definitely not a good idea. But sometimes I have to remind myself why. I'm trying to be moral and stay strong in spirit. I know I love him but things are never perfect. I don't like.breaking up, so it comes down to cheating instead. I now know how wrong that is now. If I decide in the end that we aren't right for eachother, then sure, we can break up. But cheat? Not worth it hurting the one you love.

  9. Thank you so so so so so freaking much! I'm in a temporary-long distance relationship with my boyfriend right now. We've been dating for a year and we are in love (everyone says we're going to end up together).
    Anyways, long story short, I've been in need of physical contact for 2 months and its been so bad that I've been thinking about cheating (and it is soooo out of my character to do so, I was the most loyal person I knew). I had even found someone and set up a date. But I didn't go through with it. Because of this article. I read it and cried when I read reason 3; this really spoke to me and I decided I couldn't do that to him or me.
    Now, I just have to figure out a way to forgive myself for even going this far.... </3